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This site is in hybernation mode. To view my current work please visit Networklore.

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About Patrick

Hello Everyone,

I’m Patrick Ogenstad, I already run a blog at and I launched ScriptLore because I wanted a site entirely devoted to scripting and aspects around scripting.

My interest in scripting goes back to the days when I didn’t really know much about computers. It was when I was nine years old, a friend and I had a gotten our very first job so we could earn some extra money. The job was to deliver the local news paper to our community. Each week I would get a shipload of newspapers and four or five piles of paper ads. We had to take one of each ad and fold the newspaper around them, when we were done folding the next step was to deliver all the newspapers. I think someone coined the term child labor shortly after this. To do the job justice I would like to quote Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert, in his book The Joy of Work;

Boredom can't kill you but sometimes you wish it could.

Although I couldn’t say I enjoyed the job I learned a very good lesson. I learned that a lot of things are fine to do if you just have to do it once or twice but I just wasn’t cut out for a job where you had to repeat the same task over and over. So while my first job wasn’t directly connected to scripting I would have loved to be able to automate all that folding and the delivering process. In the world of computers scripting can automate a lot of tasks and that is just one of the reasons why I love scripting.

My first contact with any kind of programming language was when a friend noticed a picture in one of our English books in school. It was a small picture of a Quick Basic program. I think it only included GoTo and Print but it was enough to get me started. After playing around with the language I started writing a role playing game. To make a long story short it wasn’t great, looking back I think I should have figured out how to use variables to store value in them. Most of the program was built around ifs and gotos but I had a good time playing with the language.

Since quick basic I’ve been testing other languages including asp, awk, bash, batch, javascript, kix, perl, powershell, python, vba, vbscript. I’ve done some poking around with compiled languages Visual Basic, C, C++ and just brushed against C#, at some point I would like to take a closer look at those languages. However I’m perfectly happy just being able to script and it’s enough to handle all my requirements.

According to Microsoft I’m just about perfect when it comes to vbscript, the most comprehensive project I’ve done with vbscript are my tools for network documentation, SYDI. Though I feel very comfortable with vbscript I have my eyes set on PowerShell now.

I work as a network and security consultant at Netsafe, we work with Microsoft technologies and Cisco. We are based in Sweden but also work a lot with customers in Europe (don’t you just love vpn?).

If you have any questions, script requests, want to hire us at Netsafe or just want to chat you’re more than welcome to contact me.

Cheers Patrick